A collaboration and impact measurement platform for the social sector

Impactive helps teams share their most meaningful stories, enhances impact measurement, and enables real-time visibility into projects  

Beautiful & Easy to Use

Impactive was built to make you more productive with minimal overhead

Desktop & Mobile

Impactive works on all of your devices, desktop and mobile. 

Simple Deployment

It's simple to setup and can be accessed directly from a web browser or mobile phone


All data is secure and can only be viewed by people that should have access to the data.

No Training

With it's simple and intuitive interface, Impactive requires no training. Customized support is available.

For Project Teams

Impactive empowers project teams to authentically tell the story of their work and impact. It also provides benefits that make project teams' lives easier – to simplify reporting and documentation, measure impact, stay in touch with stakeholders, and find relevant resources.

For Executives

Impactive provides real-time information across an organization's portfolio of projects. It creates compelling visuals and stories, while also giving executives the capacity to speak to their organization’s aggregate impact.

For Donors

Impactive enables real-time updates, instead of infrequent reports. It empowers donors to co-create and work directly with project teams, and it provides proof of impact through data and stories. 

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Why Impactive?

To end poverty, to improve education, to achieve any other social mission, we believe the social sector must become more transparent and data-driven.

Transparency and data will lead to
  • More innovation at scale
  • More collaboration

Collaboration & Impact

Through the Impactive mobile app, project teams “in the field” tell their stories by sharing learning,  progress updates, impact data and reports, media (video, photo), and direct participant feedback.

  • Sharing and learning between project teams
  • Aggregated dashboards and analytics
  • Streamlined donor reports